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Child-Care Montessori

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Early childhood education is the most important phase in a child’s life and best results are seen when parents and teachers make a mutual effort to further the child’s educational progress. Child-Care Montessori has nurtured strong, independent and capable children who have gone on to excel in various other educational institutions. One of the best Montessori schools in Koramangala, Child-Care Montessori follows the traditional Montessori curriculum that is based on the developmental stages of the child from infancy through 6 years. Child-Care Montessori is recognised by the prestigious Indian Montessori Centre (IMC), Bangalore & Federation of Montessori Schools- India (FOMSI), Bangalore. Both these bodies are recognised by the Government of Karnataka.

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At a time when we talk about e
At a time when we talk about empowering women, we need to talk about raising empowered boys.
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